Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report. It was a "do as many crafts as possible" weekend!
  • General: I fussed around with my sewing machine and I think I got it back to sewing properly. I'm going to test it on another small project this coming weekend. If it whacks out again, I'll take it to the shop.
  • Quilting: As I mentioned, I'm going to make an attic windows quilt for myself. I decided that I need to get the frame fabric before I started cutting anything. I also need to look up the specs I used for the daughter's attic windows quilt that I made for her college graduations (17 years ago!!).

    I visited my two local shops (The Granary and Eddie's Quilting Bee), looking for either teal or purple fabrics with some sort of textural pattern. I found a light and a dark purple from the same fabric line at Eddie's.
  • Cross Stitch: I put in several hours on Mermaid of the Pearls. I am still working on her back fin and have now started on the back part of her tail. And I remembered how much I disliked stitching with metallic braid on linen fabric...and there's a bunch of it in this pattern. Sigh.
  • Needlepoint: I worked on St. Charles for a couple of hours. I finished the outside border in blue perle cotton. Next are the purple highlights in the border.
  • Spinning: I started spinning Robin's Egg [Ravelry], a camel-silk from Greenwood Fiberworks that I bought at Stitches West last year. I've spun about 1 ounce of the 4 ounces in the bump. I love working with this camel-silk!
  • Knitting: In the Two-Steps-Forward-One-Step-Back category, I picked up the Charred Teal Shawl to work on while I watched the finale of White Princess. I discovered that I had used the wrong colors for the last two contrasting color section. The good part is each contrasting color is only used for 2 rows. The bad news is that there are 12 gray rows separating each.

    I frogged down to where the first contrasting color started and used the correct color this time. I managed to recover half of the work I pulled out. At last night's Craft Coffee, I added the second contrasting color and made it almost all the way back to where I started. It's a good thing that there are no complicated stitches, otherwise I'd be really frustrated!
  • No weaving this weekend. I'll get back to that soon!