Last Eye Candy Friday for July...

...and The Husband is back from his travels, so I guess vacation-time is officially over!

Not much happening in the garden. There are lots of green tomatoes and ripening chile peppers. One of last year's dahlias decided to bloom again this year:


Sorry, that's all I have photo-wise. With all the Tour de Fleece photos and updates I had to do, I'm sort of tired of taking photos. Hopefully that will pass quickly!

Up this weekend: The Husband and I need to do a few things in my bathroom. The Husband left for vacation the day after the plumber fixed my shower and we need to take care of some leftover screws and patch some holes. I temporarily covered the holes and screws so no water would get behind the tiles, but it needs a more permanent solution. I also want to get a new shower head - we just put the old one back on so I had a functioning shower.

On Sunday, I am going to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles to hear Luana Rubin speak. She is fabric designer and one of the owners of, where I buy a lot of my fabric. I've been buying fabric from eQuilter since 2000 and get their e-newsletter every week. I couldn't miss the opportunity to hear her speak about international quilt trends.

Spinning will go a small hiatus while I recover from TdF. I'm going to concentrate on stitching and other crafts.

On the quilt front, I need to make my final decision for the block sashing. I keep looking at the fabric I purchased and my feature squares trying to imagine them together. I think one of the fabrics is too light. I need to do a couple of trial squares to see if I'm right.