Eye Candy Friday...

...blog and run style.

I'm back to my normal schedule of half-days on Fridays, so I need to scoot out of here in a few minutes.

We harvested some tomatoes and peppers last Saturday. We picked cherry tomatoes:

Cherry tomatoes

Green chile peppers (I think these are padrons):

Chile peppers up close

And two red zebra tomatoes:

Red zebra tomatoes

We have some baby eggplants growing in the backyard. They are pretty, but they are all for The Husband (I hate eggplant)!

Baby Fairytale Eggplants

The container arrangement we planted in the backyard is extremely happy:

Container arrangement has filled in

and the hibiscus in the courtyard is blooming again:

Hibiscus reflection

Up this weekend: No plans to go anywhere, thank goodness! The only things on the agenda are chores, errands, and crafts!