Eye Candy Friday...

...and I'm ready for a weekend. 

The Husband planted watermelons this year and we have a baby in the garden. He'll have it all to himself as I don't like watermelons at all:

Baby watermelon

Our figs are beginning to ripen. This morning we picked the first Panache fig:

Inside Panache figs

and a couple of Mission figs:

Inside Mission figs

They are very interesting to look at when you open them up:

Open Mission fig

Both varieties are very sweet and tasty.

Up this weekend: We never did do a real grocery run last week and not all of the laundry got done. I'll be doing a little catch-up in both areas.

I have a few more quilt squares to cut out and then I want to concentrate on the Mermaid. I'm getting the urge to spin again, so I guess enough time has passed since Tour de Fleece ended!

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Eye Candy Friday...

...and I'm so ready for the weekend! As I mentioned in an earlier post, my camera and I took a walk last Sunday to test out its featur...