Eye Candy Friday...

...is it time to go home yet?

We have hollyhocks growing in the garden:


and Mega Monkey flowers:

Mega Monkey Flower

It rained a bit yesterday and this morning so everything is covered with a light layer of raindrops. These tomato flowers looked very cool with all the little drops:

Flowering tomato plant

And the Lucky Lantern abutilon had a few drops:


Our berry harvest is out of control:


While I love the berry galettes that the Husband has been baking, I'm afraid my waistline can't handle too many more!

Up this weekend: Some household chores and then crafting. I'll continue rotating through the crafts, keeping needlepoint and knitting as the TV crafts and working on the others during the day.

I also want to choose the block size for my attic windows quilt so I can start cutting out the feature squares. I'd like to see some progress on this quilt soon!