Monday, December 25, 2006

[Happy|Merry] holiday_of_choice and Peace to All...

In our house, we celebrate Christmas day. It's always been a special time for our family, although some years it can get a bit scattered due to various obligations to parents, grandparents, etc. This year, we'll spend time with my husband's parents for part of the day; we were there yesterday to see some family members who couldn't visit today.

I finished packing all the gift items on Saturday. The chocolate is stored in the refrigerator until it's time to deliver the bags. Here's what it looked like yesterday before we started delivering them:

Gift Bags
Keep in mind that 6 small and two specialty bags have already been delivered and are not in the picture. Also, the number of bags increased to 26: 9 small bags, 15 large bags, and 2 specialty. I made an extra one for my sister who was in town for the 49er game and another for our daughter's good friend who's in town from L.A.

I'm up before everyone, as usual, enjoying the peace of the early morning and admiring the tree. We do have quite an eclectic tree, with ornaments that I have collected since my Freshman year in college. For now, it also displays my daughter's collection of ornaments. Every year since she was born, I give her at least one ornament for her collection. Once she finally gets settled into her own home, she has enough ornaments for her own tree.

Unlike the trees we had when I was growing up, I do not use glass ball ornaments, except for a few small ones. Each year the combination of ornaments is a little different. Some years, I put a lot of the Hallmark lighted or musical ornaments and we have a very noisy tree!

Tree Detail
This year's main tree has a mix of Winne the Pooh, basketball, cats, Southwestern, Mexican tin, mermaids, mirrored ones from India, wooden toys, celestial, cross stitched, and knitted items. You'll also find a sequined brontosaurus (from when our daughter was into dinosaurs), a beaded pea pod (her nickname when she was a baby), and a little wooden box of floss (for my cross stitch obsession). (I also have a smaller Star Trek tree. Every year I buy the new Hallmark ornament and have too many to keep on the main tree. As my husband says, nothing says "Christmas" like a Borg cube!)

Anyway, we like having a "different" tree -- it's so us!

Merry ChristmasSo from our house to yours: We wish you peace and happiness. Live Long and Prosper!

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