Friday, December 21, 2007

confessions of a former poinsettia...

...just for you on Eye Candy Friday. First the picture:

Poinsettia 2007

When I was in elementary school (Gilroy, CA), we always has a Christmas play. Because I was in a dance group, I always got picked for a part in the play. I guess the teachers figured I was already used to being on-stage and wouldn't freeze up. I vaguely remember playing a doll one year, but it's pretty much a blur. Except for my fourth grade year: I was a poinsettia. There were other poinsettias, too and we all had to sing and dance this little number. I can still remember the song...

Down in the garden, growing in rows
Nodding our heads when soft the wind blows
Close by a window, over the wall
Singing our glory for one and all.

Here are poinsettias petaled in red
Flowers for the holidays, [something that rhymes with red]
Growing like living flame, Christmas we share
Bringing you happiness everywhere.
We wore this big, red poinsettia "frame" around our faces and we wore green clothes to represent the stem and leaves. The frame (mask?) was made out of poster paper, painted to look like the flower, and we had to dance with this thing around our faces! It was unwieldy and very uncomfortable!

So that's my poinsettia story...just for you.

On to gift bag central: because I know you're dying to see what a completed one looks like, here you go:

2007 Gift Bags, bird's-eye view

Click the image to go to Flickr...I've added notes to the Flickr photo to show what the items are.

Tonight, I'm going to finish (if it kills me!) the secret Christmas project so I can get it in the mail tomorrow. I feel guilty that this has taken a back-seat to the baking, especially since I got such a great head start. Hopefully, the recipient knows that it's just my Virgo nature wanting things to be just right and will accept the addition of something extra as my apology for being late. (You're the best, Jane!)

The Daughter arrived home safely yesterday, but is madly trying to finish a paper that is due today. I'm hoping we'll get to spend some time together this weekend when she's not as crazed.

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