Sunday, December 23, 2007

a little of this, a little of that... was a busy day yesterday. (Picture-less for now; I'll take pictures later when there is better light)

The last installment of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club. I love the colors and the pattern, so it's going to be tough to choose whether to make these socks or the Lenore socks, which have been patiently waiting for Christmas projects to be done.

Rockin' Sock Club, December

I packed up the secret Christmas present and mailed it yesterday. It's now wending its way to my friend Jane's house. As I mentioned before, I didn't quite get everything in it that I wanted, but I think she'll like it (and she'll be surprised at what's in it).

I finished the rest of my Christmas cards. I had already sent out the cards that don't get a Christmas letter; yesterday's batch contained the letter. I also made up a "business" card with my personal contact information and sent that to some with whom I've had little contact and those who are new to the list. Next year, I'll plan ahead and order some Moo cards to include.

I finished wrapping all my Christmas presents! Yay! I have a couple of cards to write for the Husband and Daughter, but that's it!

I was unhappy with the cocoa powder I used for the truffles this year—rather than give the truffles their distinctive appearance, the cocoa absorbed into the truffle and they didn't look as nice. So, I melted some dark chocolate and coated the truffles with that. They look so much better! Next year, back to Hershey's cocoa powder!

I washed all of the cookie sheets and cooling racks and started cleaning up the baking mess. This cleared the way for the Daughter to do her Christmas goodie project: she dips pretzels and home-style marshmallows (the big square ones like Martha makes, not the jet-puffed ones) in white or semi-sweet chocolate and rolls them in different kinds of sprinkles or chopped nuts. They are very festive. She gives them as gifts to her friends and we put some in the goodie bags.

I finally got around to decorating my Star Trek tree. My family and most of my friends think I'm crazy, but, what can I say? I love hearing Spock, Worf, Janeway, and the Borg wish me Happy Holidays. We all have our own idiosyncrasies.

Today, I'll finish cleaning the kitchen and get the living room back in order. Christmas Eve dinner is at our house, so I need to get things presentable. I'm making a big pot of Cioppino, chock full (hopefully) of Dungeness crab, shrimp, scallops, and clams. That, a green salad, crusty sour dough bread, and some sort of light dessert will be the meal.

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