Wednesday, June 16, 2010

another random Wednesday...

...because my knitting has no significant progress to show,  (In fact, I'm on negative rows right now. Negative 3 to be exact, with a couple more to go.)

I think this leans more towards a rant than just being random, though
  1. I used to wear perfume. I loved a good scent..Poison and Tatiana were my favorites. However, as I've gotten older, I developed an allergy to all scents that are chemical-based or have chemical propellants. I can't wear perfume anymore and most scents give me headaches or give me sinus problems. Not just perfume and men's cologne, either...scented deodorant, hair gel and other hair products, detergent, fabric softener, candles...anything with a scent.

    What this means is that I wear and use a lot of lightly / naturally scented or unscented products. Love unscented dryer sheets!

  2. Strangely enough, I can handle essential oils and natural scents. That's one of the reasons I started making melt-and-pour soaps. I can control how much and the type of scent to add.
  3. I work with several people who also have scent allergies. They totally understand when I say to stay out of the ladies room because the hairspray lady has been at it again.

    Really? You have long, straight blond hair. Do you really need to spray it twice a day and leave a toxic cloud for the rest of us to breathe?

  4. OK, so is that the rant? Not quite.
  5. People: You are wearing too much perfume / cologne / hair spray if the scent leaves a trail that I can follow.
    This morning I could smell someone's baby-powder-like perfume when I when I walked past the ladies room door to get to our office door, which faces an outside, open-to-the-sky courtyard.  The scent went past my office door, and kept on going...outside...the person was no where to be seen.
    45 minutes later, my boss smelled it when she was still lingering outside!

  6. Just because you can't smell it, doesn't mean that the rest of us can't. You are, after all, used to the scent.
  7. Clothes retain scent, people. Even if you didn't put on perfume this morning, did you put it on the last time you wore that sweater / coat / ... ?
  8. Do we really need to scent everything?

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