Friday, June 25, 2010

a funny thing happened on the way to Wednesday... (you know, that thing that pays for the fiber and yarn). Here it is Friday already and I never did get the WIP-It Wednesday posting done. What can I say...

Here's the picture that I intended to post on Wednesday:

Reflection Shawl. as of 6/25/10

The shawl is coming along. The issue I reported earlier about the knit row that seemed like it should be a purl row? Totally a user error. Each of the pattern sections are separated with this knit row. Since I purled the last separation row, I went ahead and purled this second separation row to be consistent. It's a design variation, not an error. LOL!

For Eye Candy Friday, we have garden pictures. (Big surprise) First up is the last little plum on our plum tree:


We got at least a dozen this year. (At least that's how many I've seen. Who knows how many the Husband has eaten!)

And because you knew you couldn't get by without apricot pictures:

Blenheim Apricots, 2010

This year the tree developed these sap growths all over. I'm sure it's not a good thing for the tree, but they make for some very interesting pictures. Here's the end of one that hangs down about 10 inches:

Apricot Sap

Up this weekend: Some sleep would be nice! Also, the Daughter is coming home on Wednesday, so I need to get her room ready. She'll be home about 6 weeks and I need to make sure she has room to store her clothes! Out goes the loom stand, the loom, and the stitchery stand. There's a quilt top on her bed that's ready to be basted, so I better finish that, too!

I'd like to finish the Blue Hosta yarn I started last weekend, I need to clear the decks for Tour de Fleece 2010, which starts on the 3rd.

We'll see how much I actually get done...

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Just Jane said...

Did you say you were expecting some sleep??? Like WHEN??? Your shawl is beautiful!! The apricots & plum look lucious too.....I don't suppose you could ship me some...haha......very beautiful! Fruit trees don't do good up here, some people try, not much success...vegi gardens do, we're trying some tomatoes...grown from seeds from a neighbor.....we'll see!

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