Friday, June 11, 2010

just because it's June...

...and it's Eye Candy Friday!

First up, a tomato:

Little green tomato

The tomatoes are starting to form. This little one is about 1/2 inch in diameter. We have some larger ones as well. I'm really looking forward to fresh tomato salads!

Our next door neighbor has a rose bush in his front yard that has beautiful orange blooms. I finally got a few pictures this morning. Here's one:

Orange rose

I love the deep color of these roses.

Up this weekend: work on my quilts, keep knitting on the Reflection Shawl and get some time at the spinning wheel. I plan on just doing stuff for me because next week things escalate for work and I will be too wiped out to do much after work.

I'll be working at my client's office about half-time and then coming back to my own office to finish out the day. It will be a lot of driving around, a lot more than the 14-mile round trip I have right now. It's always a challenge working on-site because things are in different or strange places, I don't know where the coffee is, etc. And in my case, there are a lot more people than I'm used to. (There are only 6 of us who work in this office. Everyone else works from home.) I've been working with this client for a couple of years, so I already know the people; it will just be an environment change ( and a tight time frame to complete the project).

Anyway, it's what pays the bills and let's me buy fiber, right?! LOL!

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Just Jane said...

Gotta keep the moola flowing for de fiber for sure! We're doing the Relay for Life tonight, but will not stay for Luminaria this year....we have to be home for the beekeeper to get the bees out of our yard! Tomorrow Gordon has band practice, and then we're going to a semi-annual Territorial Day Faire downtown Prescott, lots of cool things to look at, plus hopefully get a new book from Sylvia Nobel...I HOPE SHE HAS A NEW ONE! Then prepare for trip to Marica's....cook her food for a few to you sometime next week! Enjoy your "me" time

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