Friday, August 27, 2010

Eye Candy Friday, the catch-up version...

...because I missed last Friday! Today's Eye Candy is brought to you by the letters D and M.

Daisies... a baby one:

Daisy, beginning to bloom

a full-blown one:


and a close up:

Daisy, close up

Melon...a ripening one:


and tendrils:

Melon vine tendrils

Up this weekend: I want to sift through my paperback books and set aside a bunch to give away. I just have too many and they are starting to overrun the house!  We are having a Spin-In on Sunday, so I'll be able to get back to the wheel to finish the Ocean Merino-silk I started. Other than that, no big plans. A little cleaning, a little crafting...what more do I need?

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Just Jane said...

Funny, I'm doing the same thing....sifting thru books, now that I've got the "nook", no need to keep a LOT of my books, all 4 of my bookshelves are 2 deep! There is gonna be a yard sale on our street in a few weeks, so I'm gonna sit it out and see what kind of "revenue" I can bring in for "nook-book funds"....HAHA...We've babysat 4 of 5 days this week, and also will on Sunday.......we're TIRED!! Been a blast...but very tiring!

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