Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blame it on Michael's...

...or Safeway, or any one of the stores that have been selling Halloween stuff for at least a week: I'm working on a Halloween project.

Happy Pumpkin scissor fob, in progress

It's another scissor fob! It's not like I haven't already made 11 of these, but there is something appealing about these little things. They are a relatively quick stitch, which makes it hard for me to get bored with it before it's done. This kit is by Shepherd's Bush. I love their designs and their kits are really good.  I was sad when they stopped including the scissors in their fob kits., but I'm sure it got too costly to continue.

I haven't worked on Turquoise Trail this week.  I'm at the stage where I need to put it on a stand and have good lighting and magnification before I work on it. I just haven't had the energy to set it up to stitch!  One good thing: I finally received confirmation that my order of the turquoise silk is on it's way. Maybe I'll feel more motivated to finish this when I have all of the fiber I need.

I can dream, can't I? (LOL!)

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