Friday, September 30, 2011

well, hello Friday...

...what the heck happened to Wednesday and Thursday!? (They must be on vacation with Monday...)

It's been a busy HR week for me. Lot's of things that had to be handled before October first. I finally got done with them yesterday and, doesn't it figure, I had a project deliverable today! I finished that, too.

So how about some pictures to distract you from the lack of crafty blog content lately?

Another September sunrise:

Another September sunrise

A morning glory:

Morning Glory

Some datura flowers:

Cluster of Datura

I saw the datura and morning glory on an early morning bike ride last weekend. The datura intrigued me so much that I rode home to get my camera and walked back to take pictures. Here's a close-up view of one flower:

Datura flower

This datura hadn't quite opened yet (taken from the ground):

Datura, just opening

The Husband has planted more flowers in our hanging planters, including this begonia:

Red begonia

Up this weekend: I have an appointment with the optometrist tomorrow morning to check my contact lenses. It's been a couple of weeks and so far so good. I'm up to 11 hours of wearing them, but I think I'll mostly limit it to no more than 10 hours. My eyes start feeling really gritty at the 10-hour mark and I don't want to push it.

I'd like to finish the Tealing Groovy quilt so I can move on to another project. It's autumn and I want to work on something Halloween related. Aside from some autumn-themed fiber to spin, I still have quite a few Halloween cross stitch projects in the queue.

Socktoberfest starts tomorrow, so part of the weekend will be spent knitting socks. I've participated in the last 4 Socktoberfests and I don't think I've ever finished a pair of socks in October! Maybe this time!

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