Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Eye Candy Friday already...

....that week went by fast!  Today's eye candy is brought to you by the color white.

Grapefruit blossoms:

Grapefruit blossoms

Berry blossoms:

Berry blossom

And white watsonia:

White watsonia

Up this weekend: Spin-In tomorrow! I haven't spun anything since last month's Spin-In. The shawl has completely consumed all of my crafting time.

The other thing I need to finish is the taxes. I'm still waiting on the info from the Husband, who has been completely buried under classwork and real work.

In between my normal chores and these two events, I'll be knitting away on the shawl. I just completed repeat #30 of 72 for the edging. I am getting close to the halfway point...because I used two 40-inch circulars to knit the shawl, I'll know I'm halfway when I get to the end of the first circular....can't wait!

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Eye Candy Friday...

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