Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday... which I am still working on the Celestarium shawl.

As I mentioned in a previous post. I'm using the edging from the Jared Flood "Leaves of Grass" pattern. When I auditioned edgings for the shawl, my goal was to find one that looked good and didn't require an inordinate number of repeats.  Well, the Leaves of Grass edging requires 72 repeats...I'll be at it for a while!

I have finished 18 of the 72. Here's what the shawl looks like now (ignore the pink lifeline):

Lacy in the Sky with Diamonds shawl, as of 4/10/13

I love it! When it's blocked, the pattern will really pop!

Now if I only knit faster...

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