Friday, September 20, 2013

Eye Candy Friday again...

...and I'm so ready for a weekend!

The garden is winding down. The Husband is taking down the protection cages he created to keep the birds away from the tomatoes. We still have a few flowers blooming, but they'll probably be gone soon.

The hydrangea has turned pale pink:

Pale pink hydrangea

We have a few pink mums blooming in the courtyard:

Pink Mums

The feijoa are starting to ripen:

Ripening feijoa

as are the pomegranates:

Ripening pomegranates

Up this weekend: I need to sew the top for the next baby quilt. If I can get that done quickly, I want to sandwich it and get it ready for machine quilting. It's doable as long as I don't get too distracted by another project!

The shawl, the mermaid, and spinning are all candidates for distraction. I need to make more progress on the shawl edging. I want to stitch more on the mermaid. I have some pink singles that are crying out to be plied.

Weekends are never long enough...

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