Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Random Tuesday...

...because I'm feeling scattered today.

  1. Loved the rain we had on Saturday as it gave me a perfect excuse to stay at home and craft.
  2. Seriously need to mop my floors after that rain. And vacuuming would be good, too.
  3. Made a great dinner on Sunday. Chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, garlic, basil and chicken stock in the crock pot for 6-7 hours and then served over polenta. Yummy!
  4. Completely ignored the shawl after Tuesday's Craft Coffee knitting.
  5. Finished reading 4 books in the last 8 days, mostly because of #4 above.
  6. Made excellent progress on the baby quilt because of #4 above. It looks like I'll get it finished by the time I need to give it away. Target: 13 days
  7. Also made decent progress on the Mediterranean Mermaid and Bulb cross stitch projects, mostly because of #4 above.
  8. Yes, I'm bored with shawl knitting.
  9. So ready to weave something!
  10. And so this won't be a picture-less post, habaneros in the garden:
Chile peppers

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