Friday, November 08, 2013

Eye Candy Friday...

...TGIF! Today's eye candy is brought to you by the Autumn color-range--you know, oranges, yellows, golds.

This time of the year, we have lots of pansies blooming in the backyard and not much else.

Autumn pansy

and a waning pansy:

Waning pansy

A white pansy:

White pansy

and a yellow verdolaga flower:

Verdolaga flower

Yesterday's sunrise was interesting:

Sunrise, 11/7/2013

Up this weekend: The Daughter is teaching a free class for Under Armour at Macy's in San Francisco. I'm going to cheer her on!

The Husband and I have some planning to do as we found out last night that my mother, brother and his wife, and my nephew are coming for Thanksgiving. This is very cool as it's been years since my mother has come to us for a holiday and this nephew hasn't been to our house since he was very small. However, it means that we need to rearrange furniture and make sure we have enough plates, silverware, etc. for 4 more people. We have plenty of time to prepare and are really happy that they will join us. I have no worries that I'll have to make extra food as I cook enough for an Army anyway...

I'll fit in my normal errands and chores in where I can. Crafts will occur in the cracks. :)

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