Tuesday, November 19, 2013

unexpected activities...

...that was the name of the game this weekend.

On Saturday, I fully intended on doing the laundry and working on the cookie list. Instead, I spent the day going through boxes and magazines that were in our loft.

It started with the Husband saying we need to go to Goodwill with a couple of bags of clothes that accumulated. I agreed and asked him to hold off until I had a chance to look for a few things I knew were hiding in the loft.  Once I got up there, I had the urge to organize it. Whenever I want to organize, I know I won't rest until it's at least close to done!

The end result: The Husband had to make a special trip to the recycling center to get rid of 100+ magazines and other paper items that we no longer needed to keep. Goodwill got  2 bankers boxes of books, games and frames, plus 5 large garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, baskets, and stuffed animals. I blocked the cats' hidey hole in the loft with items that we are keeping, but don't need to have in view. We found the floor in the loft and can actually vacuum now!

I still need to go through the contents of the loft cabinets, but I'll do that after Christmas when they are not stuffed to the gills with Christmas decorations.

Sunday morning started with a lovely sunrise:

Sunrise 11/16/13

The other unexpected activity was a last minute Sunday Spin-In. It was a small group, but still lots of fun. I started and finished an art yarn (no pictures yet) and then started spinning a Royale Hare top.

I also started another Monthly Musing cross stitch pattern, called Hive. I love these because they go so quickly and are easy to see when your eyes are tired.

I hope to have pictures of the latest WIPs tomorrow.

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