Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day...

...with the flurry of activity around here, I didn't get a chance to post until now.

I finished all of the goodies by Sunday and started packaging Sunday afternoon. I got the cookies and biscotti done, but had to wait until Monday to package everything else. I've separated the stuff that needs to be mailed and that will be tomorrow's task...I need to buy boxes first.

The final goodie total:
  • Bark: 9 pounds
  • Biscotti: 661
  • Breads and fruitcakes: 30 mini-loaves and 10 medium loaves
  • Cookies: 815
  • Spicy nuts: 3 pounds
  • Sugared nuts: 12 pounds
After that, I cleaned the house and moved into Christmas Eve dinner preparations. I made the last grocery run as early as I could on Tuesday (but still not early enough...what a zoo!), while the Husband went out to get the seafood for the Cioppino.

I made a coconut flan for dessert that turned out pretty well. I think next time I might chop the coconut separately and then adding it to the liquid mixture. The recipe calls for blending it all together, resulting in a texture that was not a smooth as I wanted it to be. It tasted great, though.

Coconut flan

Christmas Eve dinner was great, but I pretty much crashed after everyone left.

Christmas morning was calm...we enjoyed our coffee, while the Daughter enjoyed the chocolate atole I made for her (Mexican chocolate champurrado). Stockings were first

Santa's been here!

And then the presents

Christmas tree 2013

Sombra hung around the tree, waiting for something to happen.

Waiting for Christmas to start

Santa was very good to me and brought me the Traveling Lazy Kate from Nancy's Notions, the book "Fosse," and a gift certificate from A Verb For Keeping Warm!

I made Eggs Benedict for brunch:

Eggs Benedict for brunch

We pretty much just hung out, investigating our new acquisitions. The Husband set up his new backpacking tent in the back yard and I started reading my new book. Mostly, though, I was knitting the Husbands new wool hat--one of his Christmas gifts. I stopped trying to be stealthy as his head is too big and I needed to try it on him several times to make sure it would fit properly.

It was a good day!

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