Friday, December 27, 2013

last Eye Candy Friday of 2013...'s sunrise:

Sunrise 12/27/13

and some paperwhite narcissus:

Paperwhite narcissus 2

and another:

Paperwhite narcissus

Up this weekend: Today, I'm buying the boxes for mailing the goodies and presents to my out-of-town friends and relatives. It will take me several hours to wrap the cookies and biscotti so they will survive the gentle handing of USPS. LOL!

The Husband is delivering the goodies to our Sacramento-area family on Saturday. I'll prep those for the 2-hour car trip. They don't need quite as much prep as those being mailed, but I won't be going with them. I'll give them a little extra cushioning just to be safe.

Once I mail everything, I'm swapping over to craft-mode. My studio needs a little help as that was wrapping-central, but it won't take long to get it back in order. The a little spinning, a little cross stitch, a little...

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