Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Random Tuesday...

...as I rapidly run out of spare time.

The weekend report: 661 biscotti baked; one cookie dough made and chilling in the refrigerator, spread chocolate on 75% of the biscotti (we keep some plain), and frosted the sugar cookies. The snowflake cookies got their base coat (stage 1 of 3). BTW, the repaired mixer did great...no need for the back-up mixer! Hooray!

I also got most of the decorating done. The only thing left to decorate is the Star Trek tree.

Still to do: the chocolate bark, the macadamia fudge, the chile-chocolate truffles, and the chile-lime nuts. And then there's all the packaging. There's light at the end of the tunnel, though. My last day at work for the year is Friday and I'll have the 21st through the 23rd to finish and package things up. I just need to worry about the gifts for our coworkers this week.

With having so much to do, it doesn't help when I feel sick. I think something I ate yesterday did not agree with my highly-charged body and I felt a little sick last night.  I managed to power through stage 2 of the snowflake cookie decoration and bake the last batch of cookie dough on the refrigerator. Then I crashed on the couch and tried to shake off the upset stomach and chills. This morning I was better, but I skipped the gym just to give my body a little more rest.  I'll get back to it tomorrow.

I need to do a little shopping for stocking stuffers, but I've gotten all the big gifts. (Thank you, online shopping!) I'm a little worried about the knitted gifts I'm making. My yarn order from Alpaca Direct for one of the gifts was delayed by USPS and just arrived today. Alpaca Direct shipped it by priority mail on the 6th...11 days doesn't sound like priority mail to me!

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