Friday, March 21, 2014

Catching up with Eye Candy Friday...

...more photos, less talk. :)

From a walk around the neighborhood: Wisteria


Cape Mallow:

Pink Cape Mallow

Fortnight Lily:

Fortnight Lily

Single-petaled rose:

Single-petaled rose

From our yard:  Cherry blossom with a moth

Moth and cherry blossoms

Pink ruffled tulip:

Pink ruffled tulip 4

and a more detailed view:

Pink ruffled tulip, petal detail

Flowers in a container:

Flowers in a container

And topping it all off with yesterday's sunrise:

Sunrise with bird, 3/20/14

Up this weekend:  I also need to do whatever cleaning I couldn't do last week because of my post-op instructions. (It's really nice to be able to bend over and pick things up, instead of doing a deep knee bend and groping around the floor trying to find what I dropped!) And I'll cram in as much crafting as I can.

Looking forward to the weekend!

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