Friday, March 07, 2014

Eye Candy Friday...

...and so ready for the weekend!

Today's eye candy is from the courtyard of our office complex. Things are blooming there faster than they are at home.

Pink flowers

The bush lilies started blooming this week:

Orange bush lily 2
and a closer look:

Orange bush lily 1

Up this weekend:  Spin In tomorrow! Yay!  I'm going to spin some of the new fiber I bought at Stitches West. I decided not to bake anything this time. Instead, I'm taking some Irish/St. Patrick's Day cheese and crackers. I bought a great pesto gouda (green) and an Irish cheddar with porter. I've had the pesto gouda before and it's yummy. The cheddar will be an experiment.  :-)

I need to get some chores done, but I'm really just planning for a laid-back weekend. I'm looking forward to spinning with my crew and then working on the mermaid as much as I can.

Next week will start a challenging four weeks starting with cataract surgery on Wednesday. They make you wait 4 weeks before they'll give you a new glasses prescription. Until then,  I won't be able to see clearly or be able to work on the mermaid.  However, I can spin...I'll be doing a lot of that!

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Eye Candy Friday...

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