Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top-of-the-waves Tuesday...

...because it's already 6pm.

Facebook changed their UI yet again.  Way to go! Give us less space for posts and photos in the newsfeed and more room for the crap on the right. Thank goodness for Fluff Busting Purity! I can block it from view. I'd just like to have the space back in the center column so I don't have to scroll all the time!

Flickr changed their UI yet again. They are using the same model as Facebook: Let's give the users less space for the important stuff! Let's make the users click A LOT to find what they need. Let's make it hard to read by using white, unbolded text on a black background! And I pay for this?!  Rethinking that decision...and I'm definitely not recommending Flickr to anyone anymore!

I tried stitching on the mermaid over the weekend. For the most part, I was successful. The hardest part is not being able to focus down far enough to thread a fine needle with rayon thread. It takes me a few attempts, but I eventually get it. I hope my new glasses will solve that problem...only 2 more weeks!

I finished spinning Violets in the Grass [Ravelry]:

Violets in the Grass handspun

And the close up:

Violets in the Grass handspun, close up

Started 3/15;
Finished 3/22;
Merino-Bamboo-Tussah Silk (4oz) top from Miss Babs;
279.2 yds. chain ply; 13 WPI

I also finished the Sparkly Boot Toppers [Ravelry]:

Sparkly Boot Toppers

Started 3/3/14;
Finished 3/24/14;
Pattern: The Hurricane - The Boot Cuffs by Codi Booher;
Yarn: Red Heart Boutique Midnight in Misty

I'm back to knitting the Rockefeller shawl until I decide whether to start something new. I also have a pair of socks to finish. Hmmmm.

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