Friday, May 16, 2014

Eye Candy Friday...

...thank goodness the weather is going back to normal for the weekend. It's been way too hot the last few days!

I have more flowers for today's eye candy. The following are recent additions to our garden.

Purple verbena:

Purple verbena

Walker's Low:

Walker's Low flowers

Naughty Nineties poppy:

Naughty Nineties Poppy 3

and borage:

Borage, another view

I have a few others, but I'll save them for next week. :)

Up this weekend: Nothing specific planned. I have several household chores to do that I've been putting off, and my normal weekly chores (laundry...).

I'm 24 rows into my Color Affection shawl [Ravelry] (named "Stormy Affection"). I'll continue knitting this project while I decide whether to start another mermaid or work on the other stitching projects in the WIP pile.

I should also ply the Bloomfield Blues singles. And it would be good to spin more of the Monarch merino-silk that I started last Saturday.

The loom and the sewing machine are calling me, too.

Not sure what's going to win, but it will be crafty!

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Eye Candy Friday...

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