Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend report and a ..

...it was a productive weekend.

The vacuum monster and I took care of the rugs on Saturday. After a Target run for new sheets and towels, I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and organizing my DMC floss stash.

I was really supposed to be pulling the floss for the next mermaid, but that required going through everything. This time I used zip locks to organize the skeins by number group so it will be easier to look for colors next time. I really need to stop buying duplicate colors! I already have way too many skeins of certain colors (do I really need 6 skeins of Christmas red?).

As it turned out, I only needed to buy 3 additional skeins for the mermaid, meaning that I had 25 of the required 28 skeins in my stash. Cool!

On Sunday, I finished plying Bloomfield Blues. Here it is:

Bloomfield Blues handspun

and the close up:

Bloomfield Blues handspun, close up

Started 4/26/14;
Finished 5/18/14;
Bloomfield Blues Alpaca-Silk top (4 oz) from Royal Hare;
437.4 yds 2-ply, 20 WPI

It's quite soft and just slightly energized. It might relax a bit after it's washed.

I'll continue spinning Monarch when I get  to the wheel.

No time for quilting or weaving this weekend. The floss project took entirely too long!

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