Friday, June 06, 2014

Eye Candy Friday...'s June!! That means I have roughly a month until Tour de Fleece and my staycation! Yay!

Today's eye candy celebrates my favorite time of the year: the Blenheim apricots are ripening. They are a little early this year due to the drought.

The tree looked like this on Monday:

Blenheim apricots, 6/2/14

By Wednesday, those apricots were ready to eat. Today, I picked these:

2nd Blenheim apricot harvest 6/6/14

and this is what they look like from the inside:

Blenheim apricot 2014

In addition the apricots, the backyard is sprouting dahlias all over the place. Here's a dahlia-to-be from Monday:

Dahlia, almost ready

and this is what it looked like today:

Another dahlia

I didn't get any pictures of the, but the blackberries are also ripening. The Husband is checking out recipes on how to make the most of them.

Up this weekend: I'd like to finish hanging the pictures above the buffet. The Husband hung the large piece of artwork in the center and now I need to hand my needlepoint pictures around it.

I want to finish the stealth knitting project so I can hand it off next week. I don't know if it's me or the yarn, but this has been a pain to knit. I have frogged it 3 times now and I'm not doing it again. I hope I'm close to gauge because I don't want to knit it yet again.

I have two projects that I'd love to start: the mermaid and the woven wall hanging. I also founf some fiber that would be perfect for the wall hanging, so I could spin that. Then there's the needlepoint project to start.

Hmmm...we'll see which one grabs my attention!

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