Friday, July 25, 2014

Eye Candy Friday...

...that first week after vacation is always very long!

We have a few flowers in the garden. This plant has sprung up in our herb circle. The Husband says he didn't plant it, so we don't know what it is.

Yellow flowers

I did a little research and it looks like ragwort, but I'm not positive.

The dahlias have been going nuts in our backyard.

Purple dahlias

They seem to be thriving on the drip irrigation system while the tomatoes are just barely getting along.
Dahlia, close up

 The hibiscus in the courtyard are also very happy:

Hibiscus close-up

Up this weekend: The last day of Tour de Fleece is Sunday. And I'm so ready to spin something other than merino-silk! I'm still plugging away at the spindle spinning, but it takes so long to make any progress! Maybe I should just take one of the other merino-silk bumps and spin an art yarn.

After taking a few cycling classes at my new gym, I've decided that I like them a lot and I'm going to continue. With that in mind, I'm going to look for the Daughter's old cycling shoes that are somewhere in the house (read: in one of 10-12 boxes of her stuff). If I find them and they fit, I'll start using them for class. If they don't work, I'll probably invest in a pair of cycling shoes for myself.

(Wow. I never thought I'd get my own pair of cycling shoes!)

I want to spend a little time with the new quilt and decide if I want to add more blocks before sewing the top together.

A little sleep might be nice, too.

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Eye Candy Friday...

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