Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top-of-the-waves Tuesday...

...the weekend report:
  1. Quilt top is not done. I'm not happy with the fabric choices for the border, so I ordered more of the yellow dotted fabric I'm using in the squares.
  2. I had a serious attention span problem. I worked on  my needlepoint, cross stitching, spinning, quilting, and knitting projects. I could not land on just one no matter how hard I tried.
  3. Loved the second episode Outlander!
  4. Sad that True Blood is ending, but, man, are they going to have to cram a lot of stuff in the last episode to even come close to tying up the loose ends. As long as it doesn't end the same way the book series does...hated that.
I tried a yoga class this morning at my new gym...guess I'll have to stop saying "new"since I dropped my membership at the "old" one. Anyway, I loved it! I am so happy to be doing yoga again!

I had been taking weekly yoga classes for 7 years when the California Yoga Center had to close their Mountain View location because of construction. It took a while for them to find another location. When they finally opened again, both the location and the timing weren't right. I've taken a couple of free classes, but never found a regular class that worked. It's been 4 years since I've had a regular yoga class that I could attend.

I'm looking forward to feeling centered again!

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