Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Random thoughts on a Tuesday...

...I keep hoping to get back to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule, but Mondays just seem to fly by and it's Tuesday before I know it.

Weekend report: I managed to work on a few things on my list:
  1. Continued spinning the Seaglass [Ravelry]. I'm getting close to finishing the singles
  2. Did all of the stitch-in-the-ditch quilting for "I'm Just Mad About Citron"
  3. Continued to stitch the separators for Tuscon Twilight needlepoint
  4. Started the Alcea Cowl [Ravelry], one of my Loopy Academy knitting assignments. I need a clever name for this one...something Brazilian to go with the color name "Brazilian Emerald."
I did order another skein of yarn for the Raspberry Mittens [Ravelry] that I'm knitting for Loopy Academy. This is Lost in Plum, another Dream in Color Classy yarn.

Lost in Plum yarn

I think it might be a little easier to knit as it's not quite as dark as Amethyst Ink, and there is no question that this meets the color requirement.

I think my camera (Canon SX170 IS) is having issues with the macro setting in Program mode . Many of the photos I've taken in the last week are blurry when taken in Program mode, while the pictures taken with the Auto mode turn out OK. I've gone back to my previous camera (Canon SX150 IS) to make sure its the camera and not me. :) The SX150 has fewer megapixels (14.1), but does a better job in with manual focus than the newer version.

I'd really like to avoid buying a new camera for a few reasons.
  1. Canon is no longer making a camera that takes AA batteries, at least not in this line. I have had terrible luck with cameras that need a special rechargeable battery--they are always running out of charge. And it gets expensive to have multiple, special batteries charged and ready, assuming you can buy them. One of my previous cameras was a Vivitar, which worked great, but the battery stopped holding a charge and I couldn't find another battery locally.
  2. Other brands of point-and-shoot cameras in the same price range as my Canon and with AA battery capability, do not allow me to get as close in macro mode as the Canon. I can get as close as 0.6-in with my Canon. Some other cameras are only 3 inches. Yes, it makes a difference.
  3. Cost. It would into into my loom fund! I'm saving up for a Baby Wolf loom. :)
  4. No, I don't want a DSLR camera at this time. Mostly because of cost...see #3 above.
Anyway, I'm hoping to stick with the Canon SX150/SX170 until I absolutely have to get a new camera.

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