Tuesday, November 04, 2014

October 2014 recap...

...can't believe it's already November.


  • 10/26 Stormy Waters handspun (spinning)  [Ravelry]
    Camel-Silk top (2.0 oz) from Schafenfreude Fibers
    120.9 yd chain-ply, 13 WPI
  • 10/21 Alcea Cowl (knitting) [Ravelry]
  • Rose of Sharon handspun (spinning) [Ravelry]
    Merino-Bamboo-Silk (4 oz) from Miss Babs;
    318.25 2-ply, 14 WPI
  • Books:
    1. Private Games, James Patterson
    2. Chicano, Richard Vasquez
    3. Broken Soul, Faith Hunter
    4. Invisible, James Patterson
    5. The Collector, Nora Roberts
    6. This Time Together, Carol Burnett
    7. Blood Magick, Nora Roberts
  • 10/25 Stormy Waters handspun (spinning)  [Ravelry]
  • 10/18 Wurm Hat (knitting) [Ravelry]
Worked on:
  • I'm Just Mad About Citron Quilt (quilting)
  • Stealth project
  • Tuscon Twilight (needlepoint)
Works In Progress, did not work on:
  • Ghouls, ghosts, and witches...oh, my! (cross stitch)
  • Mermaid of the Pearls (cross stitch)
IDJ (It's Dead, Jim):
  • Stormy Affection (knitting) [Ravelry]
  1. Beyond Antares, aka Equatorial Nights (knitting) [Ravelry
  2. Celaeno Shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]
  3. Going Snow Global quilt (quilting)
  4. Halloween Phat Fiber samples (spinning) [Ravelry
  5. Peacock Pomatomus socks (knitting) [Ravelry]
  6. Peacock Majesty by Just Nan (cross stitch)
WIPs To Be:
  • Loopy Mittens (was Raspberry Mittens) [Ravelry]
  • A peacock or mermaid quilt for me.

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