Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top-of-the-waves Tuesday...

...and I have so much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving!

  1. While my cold is almost gone, my energy level is still not 100%. That makes it hard to get any housework done. All I want to do is sleep. I'm hoping that by getting back to my normal exercise level, I'll start building my stamina.
  2. I haven't made my run to Williams-Sonoma yet. I need the dry brine for the turkey and the gravy base.  I'll have to fit that in this week sometime.
  3. Of course, I don't have the turkey yet either. Or the cranberries, or...
  4. The good news is that as far as I know, we're only having close family for the meal. So if something doesn't get clean, it's not a complete disaster and I'll have some extra hands to help with the meal.
  5.  I am a happier camper when I knit the hand part of the mittens first and then go back to knit the thumbs. I ended up unraveling the thumbs and putting the thumb stitches on holders. I'm now about 6 rows into the hands and I like the way it's working.
  6. I had a great time at Spin-In on Saturday. The host's new kitchen is wonderful and I got a lot spun.
  7. While cookies are in the back of my mind, I have not yet decided on which ones I'll be making this year. I'm behind already and it's not even December!

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