Friday, March 27, 2015

Last Eye Candy Friday for March...

...that was fast!

The garden continues to bloom. The tulips are going strong:

Tulip 3

More fruit trees are setting blossoms. This is our Asian Pear tree:

Asian Pear blossoms

And these tiny lobelia are filling in a hanging basket:


Up this weekend: We have our company's holiday party. Our theme this year is: Italian food, ancient or modern.  I'm making biscotti (naturally) and a sundried tomato and pesto torta (a cheese spread layered with pesto and sundried tomatoes). I can't wait to see what other yummy dishes people bring.

What's left of the weekend will be devoted to chores and whatever project s catch my eye.

I've had a real motivation problem this month, both with my crafts and reading. I hope April will be better!

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