Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Finished Object and some randomness...

...I finished my last Loopy Academy project! Hooray!!

I'm really glad to be done with it. Here is the Irisa Scarf [Ravelry]:

Irisa scarf

and a close up:

Irisa scarf, close up

Started 2/19/15;
Finished 5/11/15;
Pattern: Irisa Cowl by knittedblissJC
Yarn: Socks That Rock Heavyweight (Blue Moon Fiber Arts) in Dip-It-Us;
Mods: Made it a short scarf instead of a cowl, added fringe

I had second thoughts about turning it into a scarf, so I tried seaming it. Nope...the seam was too bulky and I hated it. So, I stuck with the scarf. At 36-inches long, it's a short scarf, but it might be good for a small person (read: kid).
  • I did a little work on the Tuscon Twilight needlepoint piece. I'm really not into the colors on this project—it's just too brown. As a result, it's going very slowly. I might have to put this one in hibernation for a while.
  • To compensate for the brownness, I started spinning the Turquoise rolags [Ravelry] that I bought from the Yarn Wench last month. I'm spinning it as a single and auto-plying it with turquoise thread.
  • I resurrected Be My Baby for My Baby [Ravelry]. It took me a bit to figure out where I left off, but I'm back on track.
  • We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday because the Daughter had to travel on Sunday. We went to the Alameda Spring festival in the afternoon and had an early dinner at La Penca Azul.
  • I did the preliminary layout for the commission quilt. I cycled out one of the supplemental fabrics as it was just too bright. I replaced it with more squares from another fabric already in use and the balance is a bit better. I'm letting it sit for a bit while I decide if any adjustments are necessary.

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