Tuesday, August 04, 2015

F.O. Tuesday...

...and some randomness.

I started and finished a cross stitch piece over the weekend. OK, technically I started this piece in October of 2000. I placed a grand total of 6 stitched in the piece before I realized that I was supposed to use a single ply of floss, not two. So when I picked it up again on Saturday, I had to frog those stitches and start again.

This is the Sheep Scissor Companion:

Sheep Scissor Companion

Started 8/1/2015
Stitching completed 8/2/2015
Kit by Ewe & Eye & Friends

The instructions that came with the kit are pretty minimal. There are no photos to show you what it looks like completed and there are no assembly instructions. Also, there's a tiny black button in the kit and no indication as to where it belongs. Based images I found on the web, it looks like the button goes in the middle of the heart. I'm debating whether I want to add the button. When It comes to the assembly, I'm just going to punt like I did with the other two fobs I made from this designer.

  • I started another cross stitch piece Sunday night. It's Sweet Summer, the Summer Limited Edition kit from Lizzie Kate. It's to be mounted as a picture, but I'm not sure whether that's what I'll do with it. I'm not happy with the quality of the fabric, but it's stitching up OK.
  • I finished the assembly of the quilt top for the commission piece. I'm very happy with the way it looks. I hope the backing fabric arrives in time for me to sandwich the quilt on Saturday!
  • I'm taking a break from spinning, at least until this month's Spin-In, assuming that it's not on the day of our family reunion.
  • I'm making slow progress on the Beyond Antares (Equatorial Nights) scarf [Ravelry]. It's my go-to project for Monday Craft Coffee/Night.
  • It's time to get serious about assembling the scissor fobs. I have at least four now,
  • And over the weekend, I found the instructions for assembling a pin poke. I have nor been able to do the finishing work for the Seaside Pin Poke that I stitched in 2004.  I had  the kit that contained all of the pieces I needed for assembly, but not the instructions. Hooray! Now I don't have to guess!  I do, however, need to buy glue...

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