Friday, September 18, 2015

Eye Candy Friday...

...and they say it's going to be another hot weekend. This means that I'm going to melt while I'm quilting...oh, yay.

There are still things blooming in the back yard, which will probably die with the weekend's heat.

Canna lily:

Canna Lily

Agastache "Black Adder":

Agastache "Black Adder"

Asclepias "Silky Mix"

More Asclepias Silky Mix

and Angelonia angustifolia.

Angelonia angustifolia 2

I love this last flower because at certain angles you can see through the flower:

Angelonia window

Up this weekend: Spin In tomorrow! I haven't spun anything since Tour de Fleece in July!

I'm taking my friend Loretta and we're going to teach her how to spin. I have some nice white Corriedale for her to start with and then a nice dyed Falkland. I'm going to lend her one of my spindles so she doesn't have to buy one. If she likes spinning, she can invest in a spindle of her own.

Other than that, the major thing to work on is the commission quilt. I need to finish machine quilting the squares and sew on the binding. Then it's all hand-stitching from there. Keep your fingers crossed that I can finish the machine stitching this weekend!

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