Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...it's been an interesting few days since I last posted.

  • The Husband's cold caught up with me Wednesday night.  I ended up missing work on Thursday and Friday. 
  • Our house guest arrived Wednesday night in the midst all of this coughing and cold stuff. I hope he didn't catch it!
  • I was feeling better by Friday night and actually did some knitting.
  • The Daughter came for a quick visit on Friday. She was going to her high school's homecoming game with a friend. Her HS is just a block away. It was a brief visit, but it's just as well because we didn't want her to catch our colds.
  • Because I was sick, there was no Eye Candy Friday last week.
  • On Saturday, I felt good enough to brave the crowds at Pacific International Quilt Festival. In addition to looking at the beautiful quilts, I wanted to check out the Christmas fabric. I have a request for a project and I had hoped to find something that would work. No such luck. I spent a couple of hours taking photos of my favorite quilts and then decided to go home and crash.
  • Saturday night was our company's 25th anniversary celebration dinner.  It was held at a lovely old Italian restaurant. The food was great! We had a little entertainment, but not too much, and a couple of speeches, but not too long. It was a wonderful evening.
  •  On Sunday, I finished knitting the Blue No-Noro Spiral hat I started in August. I had a lot of problems with this hat, mostly due to the needles I was using and just plain old user error. I've made this hat at least 3 times before, so I knew the pattern was fine.  Sometimes things just don't go smoothly. Photos to follow.
  • I have a new hat model. Her name is Blanca and I bought her at Michael's a couple of weeks ago. I've been wanting a Styrofoam head to use for hat photos and Michael's had a bunch for Halloween. She's got a couple of dings, but nothing major. Teddy gave sigh of relief because hats just bury him. :) Blanca will model the new hat.

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