Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yes, I'm still here...

...things got very busy at work right before I went on vacation and then spiraled into the Christmas chaos. I thought about posting a few times, but just didn't have the energy by the end of the day.

Yesterday, I finally finished packing the boxes to be mailed and made the trip to the post office. The house looks like a disaster area, but at least that's done. I still have a couple of bags to deliver, but I'm pretty much done with goodies.

Here are a few photos to show the volume of packaging that I do. Here is the biscotti staging area, right before I start putting them into bags:

Biscotti staging area

Here are the containers ready to receive cookies:

Cookie staging area, before

...and after they are filled and ready to distribute:

Cookie staging area, after

All-in-all, I packaged 36 goodie bags/gifts this year.

It's been unusually cold in our area and I wanted to knit a hat for the Daughter to help keep her warm. I tried this hat, but I wasn't happy with the tight cast-on edge:

Gray Ribbed Hat

Started 12/17/15
Finished 12/20/15
Pattern: New Quick and Easy Ribbed Hat by Laurie Kimmelstiel
Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown in Charcoal Gray

Fortunately, hats, especially those knit in super-bulky yarn, are very quick to do, so I knit a second hat. This hat fit well and allows her to turn up the brim when she doesn't want her ears covered.

Snow Queen Hat

Started 12/20/15
Finished 12/24/15
Pattern: The Snow Queen by Bo Peep's Bonnets
Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown in Charcoal Gray

The day after Christmas is my R&R day. I don't do anything else I don't want to do as it's the lull between the madness of Christmas and the packing of the boxes to mail. This year, I decided to work on the Christmas quilt that has been in an unfinished state since 2012. I finally finished it and just need to take some photos.

Now it's time to look at my WIPs and UFOs and try to finish some of them.  Here's the roll call.

Worked on:
     Nothing yet

Works In Progress, did not work on:
  1. Be My Baby for My Baby (knitting) [Ravelry]
  2. Calypso handspun (spinning) [Ravelry]
  3. Canto de Sirena shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]
  4. Empress handspun [Ravelry]
  5. Mermaid of the Pearls (cross stitch)
  1. Celaeno Shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]
  2. Peacock Pomatomus socks (knitting) [Ravelry]
  3. Peacock Majesty by Just Nan (cross stitch)\
  4. Tuscon Twilight (needlepoint)
WIPs To Be:
  • A peacock or mermaid quilt for me.

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