Friday, March 25, 2016

Eye Candy Friday...'s been a week! I'm so ready to go home and enjoy and adult beverage!

Spring is all over the garden now. The anemones have been blooming for a few weeks:

Blue anemone

The rannunculus are starting. We have yellow and orange ones:

Yellow and orange ranunculus

and pink ones:

Pink rannunculus

And the roses are starting up. These orange roses are in our backyard:

Orange roses

Up this weekend: I have no idea. We haven't done anything for Easter in many years, not since the Daughter left home.

I would like to walk over to her old high school tomorrow. Every year, they plant tulips along the front walkways and they are beautiful!  I'd love to get some photos before they are all gone.

Of course, there are plenty of crafts to keep me busy (LOL). We'll see what catches my fancy!

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