Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.
  • I got about half of the sewing completed for my co-worker's project. I'm taking it slow because the minky fabric is so slippery. I don't want to accidentally sew the wrong things together. I should get the rest of it done this coming weekend.
  • I looked at the Citrus Hat [Ravelry] project and didn't actually work on it. Maybe tonight.
  • I wove several inches on the Mermaid's Tale wrap [Ravelry]. My ankle isn't happy with where I have to place it to work on this project.  I didn't get as much done as I wanted before I needed to change positions.
  • I did quite a bit of work on the Leaf Monthly Musing cross stitch. Between the weekend's stitching and last night's during Craft Coffee, I'm almost done. I need to fix one missed stitch, press it, and sew on the buttons. I should be able to finish it before the weekend.
  • Based on how unhappy my ankle was with weaving, I decided not to attempt plying or spinning yet. I really need both feet to be functioning close to normal. That means I'll need to either spindle spin or knit for Spin-In this Saturday. I'm bummed because spinning is my go-to craft on the weekends.
  • Reading is going slowly this month. I'm reading the latest book in a series that I liked up until this installment. I'm just not feeling it. Fortunately, it's a library book and I haven't wasted any money on it, just time that could have been spent reading something enjoyable.

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