Friday, April 29, 2016

Last Eye Candy Friday for April...

...and just like that, the month is almost done. Today has been a stellar day, though. Let's get to the eye candy first.

The hydrangeas are starting to bloom:

Hydrangea starting to bloom

There are some orange mums growing in the same container as one of our trees:

Orange mums

And the alstroemeria is blooming in the front yard:


So, on to today. PG&E was doing power work in our office building this afternoon, so I decided to take the afternoon off. By chance, my LYS was running a 25%-off sale on their in-stock Schacht looms. I've been saving for a Baby Wolf loom for over a year--I had about $1,300.00 saved so far. I had hoped to buy a used loom because they are quite expensive when new. With 25% off, a new loom suddenly became affordable.

I went to the shop, hoping they had one of the two configurations I wanted--either a 4-now-4-later or an 8-shaft. They had an 8-shaft and I promptly bought it. Here's my new toy:

My new loom!

I am so excited! I need to schedule a training session with the shop to learn how to warp it. In the meantime, I'll scope out what's available online. I can't wait to start my first piece!

Up this weekend: I need to catch up on some chores around here since last weekend was kind of a loss. I'm still trying to catch up on lost sleep, but I think that's a losing battle.

I'll continue to work on Costa del Mar [Ravelry] and the Friendship Star canvas work piece. I also want to finish plying Empress handspun [Ravelry]. At least I can finish that project this month.

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