Friday, May 27, 2016

Last Eye Candy Friday for May...

...and it's a 3-day weekend!

Our cherry harvest was a bust, mostly because the animals ate all but one cherry on the tree. This is what we harvested:

Our cherry harvest

We been harvesting lots of berries and the Husband has been baking berry tarts. Here's the latest one with our one cherry baked in the center:

John's fresh berry tart 2

Coming soon is our small apricot harvest. Our main Blenheim apricot tree is getting pretty old and is not setting as much fruit. The rogue Blenheim apricot tree is coming along, though.

Blenheim apricot 2016

And the clematis vine is doing well along the side wall:


Up this weekend: Weaving! And this time I mean it!

The first thing to do is assemble my weaving bench and attach the Baby Wolf trap to the loom. Then I'll tweak my set-up until I'm more comfortable while weaving.

I need to do a little reorganization now that the rainy season is over. I had moved some canvas storage containers and some press-board bins out of the area where water sometimes collects. Since my studio was the garage and the idiots who did the conversion didn't do a great job with the wall that replaced the garage door, it's necessary to keep things from getting wet. I can move these items back now and free up some space under my work table. I still need to figure our where to move the loom when it's not in use.

I want to get at least close to "done" on the Friendship Star canvaswork piece. It's just a matter of time-sharing between all of my active projects.

There's so much I want to do, but there's never enough time. An extra day will help, though!

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