Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.
  • I did not do all of the crafty things I thought I was going to do this weekend.
  • Instead, I woke up on Saturday with the need to clean house. I've learned that I just need to go with it when that happens. I spent the next few hours dusting, mopping floors, and vacuuming. I do love to multitask when I clean, so that meant that I also loaded the dishwasher, stripped the bed, washed the sheets, remade the bed, and put away (or recycled) 50-million little items that were just hanging around (coins, receipts, old grocery ads...).  My shoulders were sore, but the house looked much better. I didn't get lunch until 1:30pm.
  • While I did the laundry, I ate lunch and read. I worked a little on the needlepoint piece, but I just wasn't up to weaving.
  • Since I pretty much wiped myself out cleaning, I decided that knitting and watching Outlander was a better idea than stitching and listening to the washer and dryer. I vacated the studio for the living room to watch TV on a bigger screen.
  • OMG! The "Faith" episode of Outlander did me in! I watched it on On Demand and then watched it again when Starz broadcast it at 9pm. I've read the books and i knew what was coming, but seeing it was an entirely gut-wrenching experience. The acting was amazing!
  • Sunday is the day I talk to my mom and then grocery shopping. After talking to mom, I couldn't get myself moving fast enough and went to the store later than normal. BIG mistake. Seriously, people. You are not alone in the store. Stop parking your cart diagonally in the middle of the aisle. And Safeway...would it kill you to limit the amount of cr@p you stack in the aisles? It's like an obstacle course sometimes. TY.
  • After getting the groceries put away and marinating the chick for dinner, it was back to the studio. Time to add the hanging tabs to the Hawaiian shirt quilt.
  • I made the hanging tabs out of left-over backing fabric, which has surfboards on a blue background. I tried a couple of variations and picked the ones that I though looked best. I sewed a seam down the back of each, turned them right-side out, and top-stitched on each side. A little pressing and they were ready to attach.

    I ripped out the back-side of the binding and machine-sewed the tabs in place. Then I hand-sewed the binding back in place and tacked the front of the tabs down so the quilt wouldn't flop over when it's hung. 
  • While I did the hand-sewing, I watched the East-coast feed of Game of Thrones  (poor Hodor!). Then I took a quick break for dinner. Since I pretty much spent my evening sewing the tabs, there wasn't any time left to weave.  But, I delivered the quilt yesterday. Hooray!
  • It's probably just as well that I didn't weave. My set-up needs tweaking, which I can do over the 3-day weekend. My new weaving bench and Baby Wolf trap arrived today and they will help!

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