Friday, June 10, 2016

Eye Candy Friday...

...just a couple of more hours before I can head home.

As the garden switches over to summer mode, there are fewer flowers to photograph.

The Verbascum chaixii is blooming again:

Verbascum chaixii is blooming again

We have some yellow pansies in one of our containers:

Yellow pansies

We still have berries:

Berries in June

and the sweet pea bush continues to bloom:

Sweet pea bush

Up this weekend: My replacement yarn still hasn't arrives, so no weaving this weekend. It's just as well. Now I can concentrate on completing the finishing work I started last weekend.

I will need to make a run to Aaron Brothers or Michael's. I need more acid-free mat board that I plan to use as stabilizer for some of the smaller stitched pieces. I know I can find it at Aaron Brothers, but I might not have enough fiberfill for the pillows. I need to check my stash. If I do need it, then it's off to Michael's to get the mat board and fiberfill.

Since I've completely ignored my knitting this week, I should spend a couple of hours on the shawl in progress.

Before July 2, I need to do a spinning fiber stash dive. Tour de Fleece is coming up fast and I need to pick the fiber to spin!

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Eye Candy Friday...

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