Friday, June 17, 2016

Eye Candy Friday...

...and summer plants are starting to bloom.

The yellow kangaroo paw plant is back:

Harmony Kangaroo Paw

The foxgloves are starting up:

Foxglove spire 2

We have some dahlias:

Coupe de Soleil dahlia

And (a big surprise for us) we have about 6 nectarines on the tree:

Ripening nectarine

We're completely surprised that the squirrels haven't made off with the fruit yet.!

Up this weekend: Spin-In on Saturday! I haven't spun in so will be nice to get back into it, especially since Tour de Fleece starts on July 2nd.

Between Spin-In and my regular weekend chores, I need to wind the new warp for my loom and at least get close to rewarping it. Whether I continue with my original plan, or do a completely new project remains to be seen.

I figure I can make progress on the finishing work while I'm deciding what to do about the warp.

Guess I should start thinking what my Tour de Fleece goal will be. Hmmm...

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Eye Candy Friday...

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