Friday, July 01, 2016

Eye Candy Friday and the tale of the new kitchen faucet...

...Happy July! I'm looking forward to a 3-day weekend!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a photo of the foxgloves that were just starting to bloom. They are open now:

Foxglove spire in bloom

The tropical milkweed has seeds bursting from seed pods and they are ready for the wind to carry them away:

Seeds bursting from their seed pod

Our spider lily is blooming:

Spider lily

And our lime tree has both baby limes and blossoms:

Lime blossom

Up this weekend: Tour de Fleece starts tomorrow! I have a general idea of what I'm spinning. I just haven't had the energy to go pull the batts and top from my stash. This is my 10th year of participation and my 10th year of being a spinner. Boy, that went fast!

The other project is to help the Husband where ever he needs so we can get the kitchen back together. Kitchen? It looks like a bomb went off in there.And I can pretty much take the blame for it.

We had a leak in the kitchen faucet that was getting worse. Given that California is not completely recovered from the drought and we don't need to be wasting water, I asked him to replace the faucet. Since he installed the sink and the faucet originally, I didn't think it would be a big deal. Wrong.

He couldn't get the faucet out of the sink. So the next step was to remove the sink.

Removing the sink broke the 45-year-old tile that surrounds it. And, oh look, there's dry rot and termite damage behind the sink.

We can't afford a kitchen remodel right now, so we decide to do a short-term fix of replacing the counter with laminate after fixing the damage. That will hold until we can afford the remodel.

Except the laminate has a back splash that is shorter than our tile one. So he removed the tile back splash and replaced the drywall. He fixed the damage behind the sink and put in new insulation along the outside wall because the old stuff sucked.

He went to measure the sink for the cutout in the laminate counter. The sink won't fit. Cr@p! After he looked at about 100 sinks trying to find one that will fit, we ordered one of 2 that will work.

He found where to buy new mounting hardware for the garbage disposal. I asked him how old the disposal was...yeah, it's pretty old (read: way out of warranty). I suggested we head that one off at the pass and just buy a new one. We found one on Amazon and that was delivered yesterday. (Thank you Amazon Prime and same day delivery!)

The sink was delivered today and The Husband was measuring for the sink cutout the last time I talked to him.

At this point, we're just waiting to see what else will go wrong...

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