Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.
  • I actually worked on the St. Charles needlepoint piece. Not a lot of work, but some.
  • I found the kitchen floor and moved the island back into place. Still to come, moving the remaining kitchen items back into place so I can find the top of the dining room table (and change that dirty tablecloth!)
  • I made my final visit to Purlescence Yarns on Saturday, I'm very sad to see them close, but I admit that I am a bit envious of the owners being able to retire and concentrate on creative things. Sigh...some day!

    I bought two cones of weaving cotton, two circulars, and a skein of Blue Heron rayon-metallic yarn in Rosewood (this shade reminds me of copper).
  • I was making excellent progress winding the new warp. I was well on my way to finishing it when (you guessed it) I ran out of cotton...again! I seriously misjudged the amount that I needed. Arg! I need to get more from Jo-Ann real soon now.
  • In disgust, I decided to spin something. I started Afternoon of the Faun [Ravelry] from another  Mosaic Moon top in the Pan colorway. I'm spinning this one thinner than the last few handspuns I've done. So far, I'm loving the way the colors are spinning, very gradient-like.
  • I worked a little on the Spiral Striped hat. I thought I made a mistake on the stitch count and then realized that it was correct and the only way that the stripes could spiral.
  • At Craft Coffee last night, I worked on the Mother of Dragons shawl [Ravelry]. I continue to have issues on this shawl I knit two rows and was 75% into the 3rd when something looked off on the previous row. So I tinked the row I was working on and tinked the previous row...and couldn't find anything wrong. Ack! I reknit the row and knit the 3rd row and put it away. Maybe it's not a project for Craft Coffee. I think I'll save this project for home.
  • I'm still having trouble getting a good night's rest. I work up at 3:30am on Sunday morning and proceeded to read an entire book by 10:30am. I'm still trying to recover from the lack of sleep, but at least I enjoyed the book!

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