Friday, September 16, 2016

Eye Candy Friday...

...and I have nothing new to photograph.

I found a couple of images that I haven't displayed on the blog. Here are some marigolds:


...and some pansies.


Up this weekend: Getting ready for vacation is high on my list. I need to get things ready for the house-sitter. We still have a couple of weeks, but if I get rolling on it now, there won't be as much to do at the last minute.

Since the house is still relatively clean, I just need to clean up the few things that are out of place. I figure I'll do another deep vacuum before we go.

Craft-wise, I need to get my act together. I want to identify a couple of small cross stitch projects to take on the trip and get another hat started. Hopefully, I'll finally rewarp the loom so I can work on that again.

We'll see how far I get!

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